Silent Auction

We will hold a Small Quilt Auction as part of our October 2017 Sierra Gold Harvest Quilt Show. Each member is encouraged to contribute a quilt. The auction quilts will be made by members and donated to the Guild.

The auction will be a silent auction with bidding starting when the quilt show opens and closing two hours before the show ends.

Guidelines for auction quilts:

  • Quilts should be no larger than 100” total outside dimensions – height plus width, times 2.  They can be any shape that does not exceed this size.
  • Techniques can include piecing, appliqué, embroidery, whole cloth, or combinations.
  • Hand quilt, machine quilt, and/or embellish your quilt.
  • Sign and date your quilt on the bottom right-hand corner on the back. Sleeves are optional. 
  • Quilts are to be turned in to a coordinator by the September Business Meeting; we’ll start collecting them in July.  Each quilt should be accompanied by a completed data sheet, which will be used to prepare the catalog of auction quilts.  The data sheet will be given to the high bidder along with the quilt. Pin the data sheet to the top of the quilt so we’ll know which side is up — we don’t want to hang quilts upside-down or sideways!

Small Quilt Silent Auction Form

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